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    CHF Quantity


  Rollerskis SKATING (WEASEL)    
Bild Model Prolog (Pair, without bindings) 391.00
Bild Model Marathon (Pair, without bindings) 415.00
Bild Bindings Salomon SNS Profil (mounted) 60.00
Bild Bindings R-Xcelerator (mounted) 80.00
Other binding types upon request!    
Bild WEASEL Mudguards Set 29.00
  Rollerskis CLASSIC (KV+)    
Bild Model C1 (Pair, without NIS plate) 299.00
 Bindings Salomon Profil CL (mounted) 60.00
 Bindings Rottefella R-CL (mounted) 65.00
  Rollerski Accessories    
Bild SKIROLL bag (KV+) 25.00
Bild Wheel WT 32.50
Bild Wheel HYPER PGR 18.50
Bild HTB Bearing 3.50
  Pole tips    
Bild Standard (Pair) 20.90
Bild Silent Tip (Pair, 10mm) 28.40
Bild Diamond File 42.50
Bild KV+ Tornado (Pair) 345.00
Bild KV+ Tornado ROLLERSKI (Pair) 345.00
Bild KV+ Tempesta (Pair) 158.20
Bild KV+ Tempesta ROLLERSKI (Pair) 158.20
Bild KV+ VIKING (Pair) 132.10
Bild KV+ VIKING ROLLERSKI (Pair) 132.10
All KV+ pole models available upon request!    
Bild BootBuddy NNN (Pair) 26.00


Bild BalanceBoard 66.00
Bild REFIT EXPANDER (if 2nd art. desired) 55.50
  REFIT EXPANDER Accessories    
Bild Foot strap 16.80
Bild Hand straps (Pair) 27.50
  EXPANDER Promo-Sets    
Combination: Strap size (S,M,L) / Tube resistance (Medium,Strong,X-Strong)    
Bild REFIT-Set 87.50
Bild INDOOR-Set 155.00






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